Infrastructure (Onsite or Cloud)

The first step in the JCMR Technology Nautilus Methodology is the IT Infrastructure. This is where everything starts and we must ensure an appropriate foundation is present, whether Onsite, in a Data Center or Cloud. JCMR Technology believes it is extremely important that IT Consulting Firms take time upfront to fully understand an IT Environment prior to determining what is required to accomplish an initiative; whether it be expansion, consolidation, management or security.

IT Management (Holistic View)

JCMR Technology offers a number of IT Management Solutions to assist its clients in lowering costs, managing assets, and increasing uptime and efficiency. The JCMR Technology portfolio of IT Management Solutions are vital to lowering operational costs and increasingly more important as computing assets are mobilized and become more difficult to track. These efficiencies, in turn, provide a level of transparency and visibility to an Organization that allows for superior workflow and asset management, critical to business performance.

Security (Perimeter & Internal)

JCMR Technology assists clients to align with the ISO-27000 Series, which is established guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management within an organization. It addresses the specific requirements identified via a formal risk assessment. This Standard is intended to provide a guide for the development of “organizational security standards and effective security management practices to help build confidence in inter-organizational activities.”

Business Performance (TCO - ROI)

When current and future business needs have been identified and accounted for, IT Staff has been supported, trained, and provided with detailed documentation, management efficiencies and workflows are in place, and security risks have been anticipated and mitigated, then an organization can truly benefit from business performance dashboards and financial metrics and understand their true Total Cost of Ownership and Return On Investment. This accelerated business performance is enabled by a well-established IT Infrastructure from the beginning, and supported by leading practices along the way.



JCMR Technology works with your team to assess your current environment and design the optimal solution for your current and future needs.


With superb relationships with Top Tier Partners, JCMR Technology will procure your hardware and software assets with the best price and best contract terms possible.


The JCMR Technology Team manages all levels of service with complete visibility into the infrastructure, management and security of your custom designed IT Environment.


Our highly-qualified engineers, who execute our assessment and design plan, understand your custom configuration needs and document pertinent details of the implementation.



JCMR Technology has developed a five-phase business model to yield “Consistent Quality Delivery Every Time.” We call this model the JCMR Nautilus Methodology and it includes the following Infrastructure Management Services: Infrastructure Best Practices Alignment, Documentation, Administrator Training, Process & Procedure Development, ISO-9000, ISO-20000 / ITIL, ISO-27002, Holistic Security and Business Performance enhancement.  During engagements with JCMR Technology, our Client can expect the following types of services:  Business-to-Technology Assessment, Solution Development, Procurement Management, Infrastructure Management, Security Enforcement / Management, Automation Services and Continued Cost Reduction via Cloud Services, Consolidation, etc.

JCMR Technology’s specific purpose is to assist Clients in transitioning from an undesirable chaotic, reactive mode to a controlled, proactive mode.

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At JCMR Technology, we have a mantra: Consistent Quality Delivery, Every Time, NO EXCUSES. Our top priority is to ensure that our clients have the appropriate technology to support their specific business needs and are relieved of unnecessary worry about their Information Technology operations.  We know how important it is to remain focused on primary business objectives and Information Technology is ours.

We allow our clients to focus on driving their business while we focus on their internal infrastructure. Our Professional Services team and our extensive experience with Tier 1 manufacturers enables our clients to consolidate and simplify their IT organization.

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